Indiana Limestone provides each building project with structural integrity and appeal with its neutral color. It can be added around doors and windows to bring out the best in each project.


Indiana Limestone can cut in many different ways, making it a freestone (no preferential way of splitting). This makes it a very versatile material to work with. It is available in large blocks and slabs and can be carved to fit every need due to its ability to hold fine detail.


It’s color is consistent with each piece, making it easy to match similar styles over time. Each block can be cut where needed, so it does not have weak spots. It does not contain anything to make it discolor over time.


Indiana Limestone is one of the hardest of limestones. It has been used over the last 100 years to build some of the most important buildings in the United States like the Pentagon, along with many other buildings and college campuses.

Cost Effective

It is a cost effective option because it will not need to be replaced, and it requires very little maintenance. Stains can easily be removed from each surface.

Easy Maintenance

This stone is virtually maintenance free. It does not require a sealer, and it can be rinsed and brushed if stained.