Phase 1 – Bidding and REview

  1. Client submits concept drawings from architects and designers to stone.
  2. Accent Limestone and Carving delivers a general budget number with qualifications, and exclusions based on non-approved drawing set. This is a general number and should not be used for final contract purposes.
  3. Client makes revisions and resubmits a full set of architectural plans, including structural plans to local entities, etc.…for approval. 
  4. AL&C provides a detailed proposal/contract to the client for approval.  

Phase 2 – Contract

  1. AL&C will enter into the contract phase upon acceptance of a written proposal and receipt of initial deposit payment. 
  2. AL&C reviews full architectural and structural package and makes recommendations for value engineering, aesthetics, and feasibility of construction “as drawn”, and any other recommendations for modification to the structural drawings required to accommodate the natural stone veneer and cut stone elements. 
  3. Client revises architectural/structural drawings for final approval and permitting for construction.  
  4. Client sends approved architectural and structural drawings to AL&C for final analysis and modification. Any changes to scope of work, addition or deletion of stone, and price point adjustments, are made at this time. 
  5. AL&C produces an “interim shop drawings” to be approved by client, and only used as a general guide (not approved for fabrication) for anchor and sub structure placement during construction. 
  6. Client starts or completes building construction, and completes all rough masonry opening framing, up to and including the installation of all windows and doors. 
  7. Client performs a final “as built” inspection and submits all field verified critical dimensions, including a verification of the interim shop drawings, if applicable. 
  8. Comments are made electronically on the actual .PDF pages, and submitted back to the fabricator for review and revision. 
  9. AL&C corrects and incorporates changes then resubmits the next revision of shop drawings for final approval. 
  10. Client and AL&C continue phases 9 and 10 until final sign off /approval. 
  11. The actual approval signatures of the client, architect, engineers, including a review signature form the masonry GC, are required on each page   

Phase 3 – Fabrication

  1. AL&C generates production tickets, for every piece required. A copy of the set drawings, listing every piece with a unique identifier, are produced and delivered to the client. 
  2. Fabrication timeline (Avg.): 
    • Production tickets are verified, in-house, against set drawings. 
    • All production tickets are verified individually and production flow lists are generated (1-2 weeks for A & B). 
    • Final raw material calculations are made and stone slabs are ordered. 
    • Stone Slabs are received (2-3 weeks for C to D). 
    • Production begins and client is given an estimated date of completion for the first truckload. 
    • Client is invoiced prior to shipment/pickup. 
    • 1st truckload of stone is delivered (Avg. 6-8 weeks from D to G). 

Warning: Deviation from this process flow could potentially result in significant errors in the finished products finfish and fitment. Any errors or changes made after final shop drawing approval will change the scope of work, with resulting cost increases for consultation, design, stone fabrication, shipping, and installation. The burden of which will fall directly on the client.